SamStation SamStation 6 January 2019

A whole year without a blog

Great, isn't it?

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Winmaster1 Winmaster1 4 January 2018

So Lonely!

It looks like I'm the only one here now (other than a few staff members) . . .

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 3 January 2018


There were no blogs in 2017.

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Simpson55 clone Simpson55 clone 6 August 2016


Arriva il miglio fumetto dell'anno! 

Butch la motociclista lesbica non morta contro гомофоб il transnistriano cazzo. 

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Simpson55 clone Simpson55 clone 5 August 2016

Un testo in Italiano che ho scritto

Ciaò a tutti gli utilizzatori di Wiikipedia! ( alias Sam e forse Lum ) Potete vedere che ho deciso di parlare italiano da ora. Ho già 19.5/20 in inglese a scualo allora adesso se potrei avere il stesso voto in italiano, sarebbe tanto grande!

Dobbiamo parlare della wiki ora, però. Abbiamo dei nuovi contributori! c: .... ma se erano morti, sarebbe la stessa cosa veramente.......

Dunque, quando creiamo una nuova wiki? n_n

Ho una idea!!! Possiamo creare "NXipedia". Sarebbe così fantastico *_*

Traduzione per quelli chi non hanno capito. / Translation for those who didn't understand.

Hi to all users of Wiikipedia! ( aka Sam and maybe Lum ) You can see that I've decided to speak italian from now on. I've already got 19.5/20 in english at school so now…

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Simpson55 clone Simpson55 clone 20 June 2016


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Simpson55 clone Simpson55 clone 5 January 2016

The Wiki's Future!!!!!!!


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PatrickCunningham PatrickCunningham 3 September 2015

Anonymous wiki needs your help

Hello Anonymous wiki needs your help with some articles you may help out at anytime.

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Simpson55 clone Simpson55 clone 9 August 2015

Wiikipedia's real story

Wikipedia's success story.

---Simpson55 clone


  We're in 2013, two fantendo users,ML1234 and SamStation ( and his luigi avatar, cause it was the year of luigi ) create a new wiki,  a wiki about a wii game that no one cares about, Wii Sport Resort Walkthrough Wiki (hopefully some smart admin then changed that name to something better!).

MarioLuigi1234 is the creator, da big boss.

and Samstation is his dog admin.

ML1234 then decided to offer a job on his wiki to someone he knows on fantendo, a wonderful pretty little smart princess, Simpson55.

she quickly managed to become admin and made a lot of good choices on the wiki, she was responsible of the wiki's theme and she even became buraucrat! While Sam and ML (who then became Lumoshi) wer…

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Simpson55 clone Simpson55 clone 30 May 2015

We've got to do something!

It seems we have a big problem on this wiki, and there's only one way i can explain what it is...

any suggestion to solve this problem?




anyone else?

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 24 April 2015

So this wiki's dead...

We should do something to revive this site - or make a new wiki. Thoughts?

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.lennongrad .lennongrad 21 March 2015


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Austro-Hungaria forever Austro-Hungaria forever 22 December 2014

Guess who i am!

come on!

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Crimson the Fandraxonian Crimson the Fandraxonian 5 November 2014

Rest in Peace, Wiikipedia

We had a good run, then this wiki...died.  Uh.  Okay.  Sam, Simpson and Lumoshishishishisushi...we had a great run, doing a bunch of stuff on this wiki (even if I wasn't here often) and there were plenty of things to do.  I don't even know how this wiki died, but it did.  RIP.

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SamStation SamStation 18 October 2014

Halloween Skin

We forgot to put this year's Halloween Skin. Does anyone know where's S55 is?

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SamStation SamStation 17 August 2014

When will this wiki be serious?

It's clearly that this wiki isn't succesfull how we wanted to be: its major problem is the lack of activity, yeah we all know that, but the thing that bothers me is the fact that this wiki is not serious at all, and not many people are trying to do something (right, S55?).

First of all, the admins of this wiki (me included) need to add a lot of more rules on this page that no one reads (right, S55?): Wiikipedia:Rules.

We need to have some criteria for assign the rights of Wiikipedia's users: what's the point of having 3 'crats in a wiki that has like 5 active members? And what about giving the right of chat moderator to almost each user without any particular reason (right, Lum?).

Then User:Simpson55 (Simpson55 clone) came up with the idea of…

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Simpson55 clone Simpson55 clone 12 August 2014

New CD-i game

Guess what guys! Phillips want to make a game based on Simpson55!

And you'll be the first to see the first screenshots!

Play the first demo of the game now! https://www.sendspace.com/file/5jj4ok

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SamStation SamStation 11 August 2014


Less than one week left untill the anniversary of this wiki!

I added the theme background made by User:Simpson55 two months ago or something...

Plus, somebody should take a snapshot of the main with this theme (and the one used before) for this page: Wiikipedia:Themes

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Simpson55 clone Simpson55 clone 11 August 2014

Wiikiepdia's meeting 2014

What a stupid name..anyway

we gotta see how is wiikipedia this time, first let's see some stats!

The problem is obvious!

Too much Trolls and Spams and not enough pages and popularity!

For the first problem i think everybody is able to don't spam

For the popularity! I have 4 different solutions!

  1. We create a lot of fake accounts to create the illusion of popularity
  2. We transform the wiki into a porn site (i think you don't like this idea...)
  3. Remember this wiki is named WIIkipedia, so we can create a page for each Wii and wii u games AND make reviews!!
  4. We transform the wiki into a Mii Roleplay site! :D
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Simpson55 clone Simpson55 clone 10 August 2014

Wiikipedia Promotional Cover

I'm serious this time^^

It's time to reanimate this wiki! POST THIS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

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Simpson55 clone Simpson55 clone 8 August 2014

RIP Simpson55

Next time, i'll try to not kill my account involuntarily like i already did it with my first account, SimpsonFanGirl 2.0 (what a stupid name back then)

So I'm here today to inter my second account, Simpson55, and today, her life!

First we gotta talk about Simpson55's "mother", SimpsonFanGirl 2.0

It was during the fall on 2011, On a Simpson Wiki, a young 11 old years old girl created a wikia account with a stupid name, SimpsonFanGirl 2.0, Back then, she wasn't expecting that she'll have to leave for a moment and even forget her account.....but she did it! and no one ever heard of SimpsonFanGirl 2.0 again.......

The Story continue on 2013 summer!

The same girl, now 13 years old, create another account, Simpson45 .. well, no Simpson95, but due to …

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Simpson55 Simpson55 27 July 2014

You're not dreaming, this is a serious topic!

Hello everybody (hello sam, lum and some others), I wanna know, is someone able to do some pixel art for a fan game (not mine). Yeah, my poor friend is alone (with me) to make his game, so please help!

thanx u

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Simpson55 Simpson55 24 July 2014

ABC supercade saturday.

Who ever watched the Donkey kong and Donkey Kong jr animes?

When toad, peach, luigi and all don't even exist, only Mario, Pauline, who try to capture Donkey Kong.

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Simpson55 Simpson55 13 July 2014



I know it's not the 14 for everyone :P

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Simpson55 Simpson55 26 June 2014

Wiki's Ad

To increase the popularity of the wiki, let's make an ad for Wiikipedia, put your version in the comments.here's mine

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Simpson55 Simpson55 25 June 2014

Wiki's theme

Despite the recent disagreements between me and the other admins, i'd like to say that i just changed the wiki theme for the summer, AND i'd like you to stop your troll with the theme and remember that i'm originally responsible of the theme

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SamStation SamStation 16 June 2014

Improve the sports pages

  • Air sports: it's almost complete, but it need a much longer introduction and infobox must be added.
  • Archery: add some informations at the stage section and the infobox.
  • Basketball: it needs a longer introduction, an infobox and the various section need to be improved and organizaded better (expecially the Wii Sports Club section).
  • Canoeing and Frisbee: complete
  • Cycling: it needs an infobox and more general informations. We still have to make pages for each stage of this sport.
  • Golf: needs an infobox and more general informations.
  • Power Cruising: almost complete, needs an infobox and a little bit of more informations.
  • Swordplay: complete, every sport page should be like this.
  • Table Tennis: needs an infobox and more informations.
  • Wakeboarding: complete…
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Lumoshi Lumoshi 30 April 2014

New Name!

We now have a new title!

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 27 April 2014

Nintendo Land

Should we make a page for Nintendo Land?

The poll is over, and Wii Sports Wiki's user say yes. The page will be created today by anyone who wants.

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 26 April 2014

New Name of the Wiki

Voting ends on April 30th, and we will change the name on May 1st.

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SamStation SamStation 21 April 2014

Talk pages

Since we have got forum, I think that having talk pages is pretty useless, isn't it? The only way for remove them is to add again the comment (which are pretty useless too, for a canon wikia like this).

What we do?

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Simpson55 Simpson55 20 April 2014

New Wiki's name

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SamStation SamStation 12 April 2014

Title issues

Now that we made pages for ALMOST ALL the games of the Wii series, the title of our wiki doesn't really make much sense, it should be Wii series wiki or something like that... But we can't change it (can we?), and if we can, it will be a pain the butt.

So, what we do?

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 9 April 2014


We have categories specific for some pages. Such as Wii hardware, Wii U software, etc. Sam thinks these are useless but I do not, so

The poll ends in april 19.

The poll is over:

  • Delete: 2 votes
  • Keep: 1 vote
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SamStation SamStation 30 March 2014

The history of our wikia

We should write somewhere all the important events of our wikia. Here's my ideas for some paragraph

  • The beginning (The first weeks of life of the wiki, when its users (2 people) were really active
  • The rise of S55 (August 20, 2013. S55 joins the wiki to give us some spam).
  • The dark age (in semptember 2013, the wiki is not active that much anymore, S55 dissapears)
  • The rise of the wiki (In november, 2013. The wiki is again active (again by the same two people)
  • The rise of the activity (In late november, 2013, Majo joins the wiki, he was the first user, after the founding of the wiki, which is actually interested in editing here).
  • The dark age II (In december 2013, the wiki is dead again. S55 makes brief apparances, but she doesn't make edits)
  • Super Activi…
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SamStation SamStation 27 March 2014

Better badge

Choose which badge should be the Wii Sports (series) 500 edits badge.

Number 1                                                           or                                              number 2?

Badge Two: 6 votes vs 2 votes

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SamStation SamStation 25 March 2014

Quality articles

What criterion we should use for decide what articles should be Quality Articles, instead of add the template without reason? (Light Lumoshi?)

  • Long article
  • Well written article
  • Complete article (without the construction template)
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SamStation SamStation 23 March 2014

Improve the wiki

This wiki really need to be improved a lot, we have got many problems:

  • Too much stubs, and most of them are really short.
  • Too much categories, most of them are not THAT MUCH usefull, some of them are totally useless. In the first months of life of this wiki, each page had like one or two categories
  • Editing only for badges, we shouldn't keep making edits on this wiki: ONLY FOR BADGES, badges are okay, but the prioty is to make edits for improve the wiki. (Right, Lumoshi?)
  • We need more big edits for improve many of the stubs pages
  • We need more activity, this wiki is a living-death, only 2-3 people are really active around here

Hope we're gonna make dissapear those problems and make the wiki even better that is now.

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Simpson55 Simpson55 22 March 2014

Very important thing

Guess what!( that's have no link with Wii Sport but.. ) I found a prototype video of an old episode of Simpsons!! 


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SamStation SamStation 17 March 2014


Is Nintendo Land a Wii (series) game?

And who's this girl under here?

(Edit: her name is Party Penny)

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 16 March 2014

Main Page Box

We need a new box on the middle part of the main page. Suggestions?

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SamStation SamStation 11 March 2014

Wii Party, Play, Music, etc...

Is a good idea to add pages for these games? I'm not sure, since this is the WII SPORTS RESORT wiki... just wondering....

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 10 March 2014


We should rename all articles that are not titles of things to lowercase, as is done on Wikipedia and other advanced wikis, and change all links so we don't have a million redirects.

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LumaNin LumaNin 10 March 2014

I'mma newbie.

I'm a newbie to this wikia, Must of you may know me from Fantendo. Hopefully, I'll reach alot of edits and become a good user. Anyway, Good bye.

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SamStation SamStation 10 March 2014


Who agrees that this random Mii made by should be OUR WIKI'S MASCOTTE? EDIT:Fandro didn't made this.

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 9 March 2014

Fanon Portal


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SamStation SamStation 7 March 2014


Remember: anyone can make new userboxes here: http://wiisportsresortwalkthrough.wikia.com/wiki/Wii_Sports_Resort_Wiki:Userboxes

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Fandraxono Fandraxono 7 March 2014


I hope I can help out with this wiki often.  I may forget to come here sometimes so you might need to send me a message to remind me that this wiki exists.


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SamStation SamStation 16 February 2014

6 Months

Tomorrow, our wikia will be 6 months old, and so far we have 261 pages. Congrats. everyone!

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Lumoshi Lumoshi 20 January 2014

Moar Badges!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

suggest ideas for moar badges below.

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