Cocoba Hotel
Cocoba Hotel 3.jpg
A close-up of the hotel.
Region Beach Area.
Specific Location In the very beginning of the beach in the north side, near Palm Boulevard.

Cocoba Hotel (Bordeaux Hotel in Europe; Seaside Hotel in PAL versions) is a large, 5-star hotel in Wuhu Island. The hotel is renowned for its fancy beds. The hotel has a large outdoor Pool , as well as a Tennis Court. The hotel is near Sugarsand Beach and Palm Boulevard. In the nighttime, a group of colorful spotlights around the hotel are lit. The Cocoba Hotel is missing in Wii Fit.

iPoint descriptions

Day "5-star accommodations. Sadly, they don't take coupons."
Evening "World-class hospitality, stop by to watch the evening cycling race."
Night "Only the finest sheets are soft enough for this hotel's fancy beds!"



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