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Frisbee Dog.png
Description Have fun with your canine friend.
Number of players 1-4 players
Minigames Frisbee Dog, Frisbee Golf
Items used Frisbee (item)

Frisbee is a sport in Wii Sports Resort. Its minigames are Frisbee Dog, which takes place in the Frisbee Dog Park, and Frisbee Golf, which takes place in Wedge Island.

Frisbee Dog



Earn the most points by throwing your frisbee and hitting the most targets and balloons. You'll be given 10 throws to reach the target, and the closer your Frisbee hits the bulls-eye, the more points you'll earn, up to 100. After you've made five throws, balloons will appear, 

The Frisbee Dog Park

and these are worth various amounts of points. You'll want to hit the balloons as your Frisbee arcs toward the target's bullseye.

To throw the Frisbee in-game, you'll move the Wii Remote like you would a normal Frisbee. Pick it up by holding down the B button, pull it back, then flick the remote forward while releasing B when you want to let go. Tilt the Frisbee up to make it go farther, and tilt the remote left or right before you release the Frisbee to throw it at a curve.


Name Requirement Notes
Good Dog Hit the bullseye of the target. Tilt your Frisbee up before you release it to make sure it has enough distance to reach the target. The dog will then jump up and grab the Frisbee out of the air!
Balloon Animal Hit all 9 balloons during practice in 10 throws or less. After the tenth throw, complete a match to earn your Stamp.
A for Effort Hit the green 10-point zone with each of your 10 throws. Aim for the green zones on the sides of the target (they're easier to hit) or whichever is closest to center. Note that you cannot earn this Stamp in Team Play.
Perfect Target Hit the bulls-eye of the target with all 10 throws. The points from Balloons don't count toward this, so if you're going after this Stamp, just ignore them. Note that you cannot earn this Stamp in Team Play.
Golden Arm Hit the bulls-eye of the target and pop all balloons with every one of your 10 throws.

Frisbee Golf

A Mii preparing to throw a frisbee.

Frisbee Golf can be unlocked by playing once at Frisbee Dog.


Play a round of golf using frisbees instead of golf balls. Your goal is to make it to the "hole" (represented here by a field of light on the green) in as few tosses as possible. You are given three types of Frisbees to accomplish this: a Driver (which can reach an average of 180 yards), for long-range throws; a Mid-range (which can reach an average of 90 yards), which is self-explanatory; and a Putter (which can reach an average of 30 yards), for short tosses.


Name Requirement Notes
Under Par Finish any course under par. You have to finish with a score of -1 or lower to earn this Stamp. Note that you can't earn it in Team Play.
Lucky Skip Skip your Frisbee over a water hazard and have it land safely on dry ground on the other side. A Frisbee will only skip across the water if it's mostly flat. If you're just going after this Stamp, throw your Frisbee into the water; you'll then make your next toss near the water. The 3-hole courses at Resort C have ideal water hazards for this Stamp.
On a Roll Roll your Frisbee into the field of light from a position off the green. To get this Stamp you have to have your Frisbee hit the ground and roll into the field of light on the green, but you can't be standing on the green when you make your throw. That said, you'll want to be as close to the green as possible for this. Throw the Frisbee while it's vertical so that it starts rolling as soon as it hits the ground, and try to do this on a flat green (such as those in the Classic A course).
Hole in One Make a "hole in one" by getting your Frisbee into the target field of light in one throw. Be sure to tilt your Frisbee up a bit before releasing to give it extra distance. The easiest course to accomplish this is the first hole of the Classics B 3-hole course.
Straight and Narrow Play an entire 18-hole round without throwing your Frisbee into a water hazard or out-of-bounds. If you practice enough of the Frisbee activities and are careful, this is far from an impossible task. Note that you cannot earn this Stamp in Team Play.