A Mii playing golf.

Golf is a sport in Wii SportsWii Sports Resort and Wii Sports Club. Along with bowling, golf is the only sport that appears in all the games of the Wii Sports series.

In Wii Sports Resort, this sport takes place in Wedge Island's golf course.

Wii Sports

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Before even moving on you should be aware of an "exploit" of sorts in Wii Sports Resort golf. By hitting B, you'll set your stance no matter where the Wii Remote is pointing (when you hit B you should be pointing at the ground, like your Mii, readying for a stroke). However, you can set your stance pointing the Wii-mote right at the TV if you want. Extrapolate the motion of a golf club swing with your remote pointed in the direction of the TV. A fast, perfectly level right-to-left swipe will be read by the game as a perfectly straight stroke! Use this exploit on your longest drives if you want, but beware. It doesn't work well for putting!

Quick Tips

  • There is a way to cheat the system in golf. Instead of going through the whole rigmarole of swinging the Wii Remote like an actual golf club, try this instead: hold the remote in front of you, buttons-up. Hit B to calibrate the remote, then flick the remote like you're throwing a Frisbee, keeping it flat the entire time. Straight shot almost always guaranteed! Just don't try this with a group of friends; they may hate you.


Name Requirement Notes
Under Par Finish any course under par. You have to finish with a score of -1 or lower to earn this Stamp. Note that you can't earn it in Team Play.
Chip In Chip into the hole in one shot from outside the green. The ball can either fall directly into the hole or roll across the green into the hole after the chip.
King of Clubs Finish a course at 9 under par. If you're playing a 9-hole course, that means you must at least Birdie every hole (or get lucky and Eagle a few of them). Note that you can't earn this Stamp on Team Play.
Ace of Clubs Finish a course at 18 under par If you're playing an 18-hole course, that means you must at least Birdie every hole (or get lucky and Eagle a few of them). You can even do this on a 9-hole course if you Eagle every hole (but let's be realistic here). You can't earn this Stamp on Team Play.
Hole in One Finish a hole with one stroke. This is pretty much only possible on a Par-3 course. The first hole of the Classics B 3-hole course is an ideal place to try...and try again!

Wii Sports Club

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