A Nunchuk with a Wii Remote.

The Nunchuk is the primary controller attachment for the Wii Remote. It connects to the Wii Remote via a cord. It features an analog stick similar to the one found on the Nintendo GameCube controller and two trigger buttons. It works with the main controller in many games. Like the Wii Remote, the Nunchuk also provides a three-axis accelerometer for motion-sensing and tilting, but without a speaker, a rumble function, or a pointer function. One Nunchuk comes bundled with the Wii console. Additional Wii Remote units are sold separately without the Nunchuk. The two shoulder buttons, formerly named Z1 and Z2 respectively, had been reshaped and renamed since the Game Developers Conference. The circular top shoulder button, now called C, is much smaller than the lower rectangular shoulder button, now called Z. It is used for many games that require the use of both hands.

There are two different kinds of Nunchucks bundled with the Wii X. One is a normal black Nunchuck. The other is a transparent Nunchuck prototype. The circuit board flashes whenever the joystick is moved or a button is pressed. Also, the buttons still retain the Z1/Z2 format.



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