Pilotwings Resort - Plane artwork

Artwork of a plane for Pilotwings Resort.

There are many types of planes that the Miis use to travel around through Wuhu Island which include one-seat planes, two-seat planes, Transport Planes, Turbo Jets, and dog fighting planes. Passenger jumbo jets are seen flying over the globe in Wii Party's 4 player game "Globe Trot"

The one seat and two seat planes are playable in the Wii Sports Resort's Island Flyover minigame. The two seat one can be unlocked after collected 60 iPoints.

Planes are also one of the three default vehicles in Pilotwings Resort, together with Gliders and Rocket Belts.

There's a little seaplane, called Miguel's Guide Plane used and owned by Miguel that he uses to be a guide for the other Miis tourists.

The Seaplane Team is a squadron of seaplanes in formation that soars high above, following a path between Wedge Island and Wuhu Island.

In Island Flyover, the planes have the balloon blaster, which is used to pop the balloons, and a flare, for shooting fireworks. In addition, the planes change color in base the color of the Mii's outfit that use them.