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Table Tennis is one of the twelve sports in Wii Sports Resort.



Table tennis wsr serve

A two-players match.

You must be the first player to score 6 points. You must also win by at least 2 points, or you'll have to keep playing until someone does. Points are scored by either hitting the ball past your opponent, or if your opponent returns the ball without allowing it to hit your side of the table. Work your way up to 1500 skill points to face the champion, Lucia.

To serve the ball, press the Wiimote A button and swing the Wii Remote as you would a normal paddle. Swinging the Wii Remote will imitate the movement of paddle. You can hit backhand or forehand, depending on how you hold the controller. Twist the remote forward or backward when you hit the ball to put a left or right spin on it.


  • The game doesn't measure how hard you swing the remote, so don't waste energy thinking that it matters.
  • You can smash the ball to your opponent's side of the table by hitting a high-bouncing ball at the top of its bounce.


Name Requirement Notes
In Your Face Hit your opponent in the face with the ball in single-player mode. The easiest way to do this is to smash the ball directly at your opponent and hope he/she misses.
Back from the Brink Return a ball that hits the edge of the table and bounces at an angle. Not much you can do to make this happen, but when it does, make sure you're ready for it!
Epic Rally Keep a rally (hitting the ball back and forth without stopping) for 30 or more hits in single-player mode. The key here is not to gain points, but to simply keep the ball on the table. Hit the ball gently to your opponent's side of the table every time so that they will easily have a chance to return it.
Perfectly Matched Reach a match draw with a score of 20-20, never allowing one player to be two points ahead of the other. Do this on the easiest setting. Take the lead to 5 points, then alternate winning and losing rounds until you reach the 20-20 mark.
Table Titan Defeat the Table Tennis champion. Plow through the opponents in single-player mode until you reach the champion, then use all your skills to win that final match.


(Note: You must play and beat the champion (get an skill point of about 1500 points) before doing this. At the "Select a Mii" screen before an event starts, hold 1button while pressing Abutton to choose "OK." You can let go of 1button when you see the black warning/info screen. This will unlock a hotel slipper as a paddle for Table Tennis Match. This type of paddle is used by several different opponents in single-player mode.

  • 11-Point Game:

Press the 2button button at the Match loading screen to play an 11-point game.

Return Challenge


In Return Challenge you must return as many serves as you can to earn points, with one point earned for each ball you return. After you return 10 serves, soda pop cans will appear on the other side of the table, and these are worth 3 points each if you manage to hit them.


  • Hitting the soda pop cans usually involves adding a bit of spin to your return.


Name Requirement Notes
50-Pointer Score 50 or more points. Hitting the pop cans will help you reach this goal faster.
100-Pointer Score 100 or more points. Hitting the pop cans will help you reach this goal faster.
200-Pointer Score 200 or more points. Hitting the pop cans will help you reach this goal faster.
Recycler Hit 30 soda pop cans off the table in one game. Remember to apply a spin to your return to hit most of the cans.
Save Face Score 100 or more points without ever hitting the server's face. Just be careful not to slam the ball!

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