The Whale Shark
Whale Shark.png
The blimp with the "Wii" logo.
Region Wuhu Town
Specific Location It flies around the skies of the Wuhu Town.

The Whale Shark is a large blimp that flies around the skies of Wuhu Island, especially around Wuhu Town. The Whale Shark is white, with red and blue stripes. It has the word "Wii " printed on its side and sometimes, some Balloons are attached to its back. The Whale Shark is one of the eighty iPoints of Wii Sports Resort. In Island Flyover, when 70 iPoints are found, the Wii image is replaced with a picture the player's Mii's face.

The Whale Shark also appears in Pilotwings Resort, but not as an iPoint.

iPoint descriptions

Day "Sky, sea, and sand! ~ Wii Sports Resort ~"
Evening "Surfing, slicing, smashing! ~ Wii Sports Resort ~"
Night "Swinging, spinning, shooting! ~ Wii Sports Resort ~"

When the player will collect 80 iPoints, the descriptions will change:

Day "Well done, <Mii's Name>! Hope you enjoyed flying around the island!"
Evening "Amazing, <Mii's Name>! You were born to fly!"
Night "Wow, <Mii's Name>! You know this island better than the locals!"


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