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Hi every one! I'm SamStation, but you can call me Sam or Uncle Sam...

If you have questions, please ask me!

My WSR sports Top 12

  1. Airsport
  2. Swordplay
  3. Bowling
  4. Wakeboard
  5. Cycling
  6. Basket
  7. Power Cruising
  8. Frisbee
  9. Archery
  10. Table Tennis
  11. Golf
  12. Canoeing

My WS/WSC sports Top 5

  1. Bowling
  2. Boxing
  3. Tennis
  4. Baseball
  5. Golf

My Wii Music songs Top 10

  1. Carmen
  2. Ode to Joy
  3. The Entertainer
  4. Do-re-mi
  5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  6. Minuet in G Major
  7. F-Zero - Mute City
  8. Material Girl
  9. Turkey in the Straw
  10. Yankee Doodle


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Sam (SamStation)



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The history of Wiikipedia

  • The beginning (The first weeks of life of the wiki, when its users (2 people) were really active
  • The rise of S55 (August 20, 2013. S55 joins the wiki for give us some spam).
  • The dark age (in semptember 2013, the wiki is not active that much anymore, S55 dissapears)
  • The rise of the wiki (In november, 2013. The wiki is again active (again by the same two people)
  • The rise of the activity (In late november, 2013, Majo joins the wiki, he was the first user, after the founding of the wiki, which is really interested in editing here).
  • The dark age II (In december, the wiki is dead again. S55 makes brief apparances, but she doesn't make edits)
  • Super Activity (In January 2014, early February, the wiki is again active like its first weeks of life, but Majo leaves us, and (AGAIN) there are only two people who are actually doing something.
  • Spam age (In late February 2014 and March 2014, are created a lot of categories that are not THAT essential, there are categories spam, pictures spam, only-for-badges edits, deleting pages with no reason and the creations of nonsense pages)
  • Little activity (In March 2014, other people joins, but they're not that much active, but thanks god that we have Fandro that is a little active around here, and S55 comes back for bring us spam again!)
  • The dark age III (In early April 2014, the wiki is again dead, and (again) there are only two (or should I say 1 and an half?) active editor.)
  • The slow regrowth (In late april 2014, even though there's only one and a half users that are doing edits, other users are starting to participate in the wiki's discussions)
  • The dark age IV - The Total Dark (In may 2014, the wiki is completely dead and nobody, and I say: NOBODY is making important edits.)
  • Lonely age (In early June 2014, the only user that is actually doing something it's ME! sigh...)
  • The renaissance (In later June 2014, the wiki is again alive, more people are active!)
  • The dark age V (July to early August. Same as dark age IV)
  • The small hope (Since the anniversary is near, in august 2014 the activity is a little bitty bit higher)


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