A wakeboarding Mii.
Description The player must earn many points as he can by jumping off the wake of the boat they're being dragged behind and performing various stunts.
Number of players 1-4 players
Minigames None
Items used Wakeboard, Motorboat
Wakeboarding is one of the three water sports in Wii Sports Resort. The other water sports are Power Cruising and Canoeing. In Wakeboarding, the goal is to earn as many points as possible by jumping off the wake of the boat players are being dragged behind and performing various stunts. When they successfully land a jump, the boat will accelerate, making subsequent jumps higher and worth more points. More difficult courses become available as they progress through the activity; these include obstacles they must avoid.



The player must hold the Wii Remote sideways and grip it firmly with both hands. They should tilt the remote in either direction to turn; and tilt it farther to carve across the wake faster. Pulling up on the remote when the player go over the wake causes a jump and by twisting the remote around in the air, the player can perform tricks and stunts. To land safely, they need to be flat, so they must watch their wakeboard onscreen and adjust its level with the remote.

Quick tips

  • Jumping over the wake is a great way to avoid the obstacles on the harder courses.
  • If you see a buoy, make sure you're on the inside of it, otherwise your rope will wrap around it and send you into the drink.
  • You'll earn more points by cutting faster across the wake.


Name Requirement Notes
Huge Air Score 100 points on a single jump. It is easier to do this on the Beginner difficulty level after the player has built up some speed in the water.
Bag of Tricks Land 7 or more different kinds of jumps on a single run. As with the first stamp, this is most easily accomplished on the Beginner difficulty. The player can mix it up by hitting the wake at slow, medium, and fast speeds.
Smooth Landing Land 10 jumps in a row. It is recommended to earn the stamp on the Beginner difficulty level. It is recommended for the player to not get fancy with their jumps to make sure that they're easy to land flat.
Master Carver Score 1,000 points or more without hitting any obstacles on the Expert level. The player'll have to combine fast, stunt-filled jumps with deft maneuvering if they want this stamp.
The Long Way Home Land 50 jumps and wakeboard completely around Wuhu Island in Free-Cruising mode. To access the Free Cruising mode, the player should press Wiimote Minus on the Wii Remote and then wakeboard all around to the starting point while landing fifty jumps.


  • Beginner Area: Already Unlocked
  • Intermediate Area: Unlocked by making a 100 point jump in the Beginner Area, before the allowed time ends.
  • Expert Area: Unlocked by making a 100 point jump in the Intermediate Area, before the allowed time ends.


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