The sensor bar and cable.

The Wii asks where the sensor bar is positioned.

The Wii Sensor Bar is a device for the Wii. It detects the motions of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk via Bluetooth technology.

The Wii's sensor bar, coupled with the Wii Remote, allows the game to sense acceleration and to determine where the player is pointing. The Wii Remote senses light projected from the bar, contrary to what a standard light gun can perform. Five LED lights are positioned on both sides of the sensor bar, with a total of ten in all. Because of the viewing angle of the Wii Remote, being too far away from the sensor bar will result in a disruption and possibly disconnection.

It is suggested that the player goes no farther than five yards, or fifteen feet, away from the sensor bar for maximum performance. Placement of the sensor bar has to be recorded to help determine where the player is, either above or below the television set. If the player changes the placement, then it is requested that this be recorded into the Wii.

A cordless, third-party, sensor bar is also available for purchase.

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