For the battle stage in Mario Kart 7, see Wuhu Town (Mario Kart 7).
Wuhu Town
Wuhu Town.png
Southern view
Region Wuhu Archepelago
Specific Location Wuhu Island

Wuhu Town (also known as Wii Fit Town in Wii Fit) is the capital of Wuhu Island. There is a Wishing Fountain in the middle of the town's plaza, as well as a small park nearby.

The town has a small marina called Starboard Harbor, where many boats and The Queen Peach dock, as well as a Basketball Court. There is a large stone seawall that surrounds the sides of the town that face the ocean.

Wuhu Town also appears in several cycling races, and its plaza is the place where the Speed Slice tournaments take place.

The town appears as a battle course in Mario Kart 7 which takes place at night. It is thought that Wuhu Town has a population of around 600, the biggest of all towns on the island (other towns being the Hillside Cabins and the Cabana Lagoon hideaway).

iPoints in Wuhu Town

A plane is flying above the town.

  • Bakery